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Reflex – 2 Year Anniversary – Demo released

December 8, 2023

Hi all. It’s been a while. I’ve been rather busy with a lot of other things and that has taken me away from game development for a while. Hopefully that will be changing soon and I can get back to working on something new. In the meantime. Reflex is coming up to it’s 2 anniversary… [Read More]

Reflex – Now on

October 30, 2023

For those of you who would prefer not to have the trappings of Steam with their games. Reflex is now available on

Trying something new – Godot v4

April 11, 2023

As most of you will know, if you’ve been following along with the Reflex development logs, I’ve been developing using GameMaker for a fair few years. Back when I started I bought a lifetime licence and never looked back. GM is a great game engine but about a year ago they switched to a subscription… [Read More]

Reflex – Quality of life update

March 5, 2023

It’s been almost 1 year since the release of Reflex and during that time there has been a couple of small tweaks I’ve wanted to make that were brought to my attention as I’ve watched my playtester trying to beat the last levels of the game. I know. He’s not that quick when it comes… [Read More]

Reflex – Android Version Update

January 26, 2023

About a week ago the Android version of Reflex was disabled from the Google Play store. According to the vague report from Google, this was due to a performance issue at the start-up of the game. I isolated the issue to how long it was taking the game to connect to, and log in to,… [Read More]

Reflex – Android Version

January 13, 2023

Just a quick post to mention that there appears to be a problem with the Google Play release of Reflex. I’m looking into the situation and hope to have the game available again over the weekend. I believe the cause is due to a hang or incompatibility with Google Play Game Services – that’s responsible… [Read More]

Project 2 – Dev Diary 3 – Guns!

June 12, 2022

I’m taking my time developing Project 2 (untitled) mainly because sales of Reflex have been pretty disappointing so far, and because I want to take my time and work things out properly before I start the main development cycle. If I start the main development cycle. As you may have seen so far; I’ve been… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 84 – Amazon Appstore

May 20, 2022

Slow going at Amazon App HQ, but the game is finally available for Amazon Fire tablets (Fire OS 6+).

Reflex – Dev Diary 83 – Android Release

May 9, 2022

Finally, after a week or so of battling it out with the Google Cloud verification team Reflex is available on the Google Play store. The Android version is identical visually to the Windows version except you play by tapping the game board and dragging the screen around with your finger. The Android version also supports… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 82

May 5, 2022

So, the release process of Reflex on Google Play didn’t go as planned. It appears that there was a credential miss-match and that prevents the game from starting everywhere except on my devices – which isn’t helpful. While I resolve the issue I have unpublished the game from the store. Please bear with me; this… [Read More]

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