Reflex – Quality of life update

It’s been almost 1 year since the release of Reflex and during that time there has been a couple of small tweaks I’ve wanted to make that were brought to my attention as I’ve watched my playtester trying to beat the last levels of the game. I know. He’s not that quick when it comes to the more complex levels.

Anyway, the update available now on Steam, and will be available on Android in the next day or so, has the following changes:

Android – splash screen added. The game will also load much faster now thanks to a change in texture compression.

Pc and Android – multi floor levels will now give the player a 10 second head start before the missile arrives. This will allow players to make quick preparations.

This last one is a big one for my playtester who had been struggling with level 5.23 because it requires you to quickly work out what to do on 4 floors. With a small pause in the action he’ll be able to have a quick look around and try to work out what to do.