About AlternativeRealities

AlternativeRealities (ARSoftware) is a hobby ‘company’ created by myself (Paul Huckstepp) as a way of developing and releasing games. Originally founded back in the days of the Amiga – I spent many hours creating new and interesting games for the Amiga computer, like Falling Down (now available for mobile phones and Windows), and a strategy game series – Total Domination.

Falling Down – a game that has now been converted to the PC, won ‘Write a game in AMOS’ competition for the Amiga Format magazine. The Amiga version is available for download.

Climbing Up – was the Licenceware sequel to Falling Down

Total Domination – My first strategy game involving two colonies fighting over the same area of land. Released via Licenceware. Please note this version is for HD install only.

Total Domination 2 – vast strategy game involving colony creation and stabilization after the destruction of the Earth. Inspired by Utopia K240. Released via Licenceware.

Ultimate Domination – My last game for the Amiga, UD was the finally chapter to the Total Domination series and brought everything together, planetary colonisation and alien invasions.

After the Amiga began to loose its battle against the PC, I swapped over, after a few months I started to learn new software development tools and techniques, including Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, Macromedia Director, ASP and then BlitzBasic, RealBasic, PHP 5, so that I could continue my love of application and game development.

Reflex – My first PC game was a casual puzzle game where you had to fire a missile on a game board and use different tiles to change it’s path or split it in order to destroy reactors. This was release in 2000 and is now available free. A brand new PC Steam version is now available, and an Android version is on its way.

Reflex Retaliation – The 3d follow up of the first game release 4 years later. Unfortunately the game is no longer compatible with the modern versions of Windows (7, 8, 10).

My Amiga A1200 set up from the early 80’s, shown here running the original Falling Down.
Early screenshot from Ultimate Domination for the Amiga.

Screenshot from Reflex Retaliation on the PC.

I look forward to many great game ideas in the future.

Paul Huckstepp – AlternativeRealities