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MoneyWatch 1.3

February 7, 2017

A small update is now available for MoneyWatch bringing it to version 1.3. This update fixes an issue with This Month and Last Month report graphs.

MoneyWatch update and NotesHub

December 5, 2016

MoneyWatch has been given a small facelift to bring it in line with the forthcoming release of NotesHub. NotesHub, like MoneyWatch, is a mobile-friendly PHP web application that is installed on your own web server/web space. I created NotesHub because I’m not a fan of how EverNote does things (mainly the over reliance on tags)… [Read More]

New website launched

August 1, 2016

Welcome to the all new ARSoftware website. I’ve simplified the layout and reduced the number of pages. Some of the previous products have been removed now as they are no longer for sale and aren’t available any more. I have a new product coming out soon called MoneyWatch. This is a self-hosted PHP application designed… [Read More]

Puzzle Game Dev Diary 3

March 20, 2015

Just a short update to say that I’m still developing my puzzle game despite some serious set backs because of the new tax law. Originally I had planned the Reflex reboot to be for Windows, and probably Mac, and then later for Android. This has changed now and I suspect I will be releasing for… [Read More]

UK Government Kills Indie Developers

January 22, 2015

Some of you may be aware of the changes to UK law that governs online selling of digital products . The new law requires all individuals (or businesses) to be VAT registered if they are selling across the world; this also means it is necessary to record detailed information about the customer (IP Address, location,… [Read More]

Puzzle Game Dev Diary 2

December 24, 2014

Progress has been pretty good on the puzzle game so far. Last weekend I concentrated on 2 aspects, size of the levels and panning and zooming. Zooming is achieved using the mouse wheel although it needs tweaking somewhat because at the moment it is difficult to get it to come to a stop. This is… [Read More]

Puzzle Game Dev Diary

December 14, 2014

Progress with Construct 2 has been going very well. Using some placeholder graphics I’ve already managed to get a large chunk of work done of the prototype for the puzzle game introducing 7 of the required elements – reflectors. The projectile moves around the test map reflecting off of the various elements. The red ones… [Read More]

And now for something completely different

December 5, 2014

I’ve been wanting to make a start on a couple of small side projects for a while. I have some great ideas for a few 2D games. One of which is a revamped up to date version of Reflex (a puzzle game). So with that in mind I’ve been experimenting with different engines to see… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 53

August 25, 2014

Unity 4.6 (beta) is now available. And so it was time for me to pick apart the current GUI implementation I have in Asylum and replace it with the super sleek Unity UI. This was more involved than I expected as it adds a new event based system that I wasn’t expecting. Previously it was… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 52

July 6, 2014

Continuing the modelling of various parts of the courtyard area, and also researching the creation of trees for the centre piece in the courtyard. Things are progressing a little slower than usual as I get back into the swing of things. I also want to try out something new so I might put Asylum on… [Read More]