Asylum – Developer Diary Day 45

February 2, 2014

Lots of little tweaks and changes this week. First up I released that my game plan for this floor was slightly flawed. There was one section the player would need to get through without first getting the torch that would be in total darkness. So that needed to be altered slightly. Not overly difficult as… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 44

January 25, 2014

Short dev diary this week thanks to Natwest for screwing up meaning I had to do a load of banking to try and fix their idiocy. Anyway. Another couple of furniture objects have been added to the reception room; telephone (doesn’t work, there’s no dial tone) and a water cooler. There was also a strange… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 42

December 31, 2013

A quick update during the Xmas holidays. The reception area and connecting janitors closet has been sketched (on paper) and I’ve begun to collect together the 3d models I will need to decorate this important collection of rooms. If you celebrate December 31st becoming January 1st have a good one.

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 41

December 8, 2013

Short dev diary this week as I had to get my car serviced and have an MOT. So, because of the lack of time this week I decided to just smarten up the scrawled message on the wall next to the door panel. The original message was rather thickly applied and although possible due to… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 40

November 22, 2013

40 Days already. Where does the time go. A little slower with development today. The construction of the reception room (and janitor’s closet) started out rather slowly as I needed to make sure of the dimensions of the room so that it would fit in the area between the two rows of cells, and also… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 38 and 39

November 21, 2013

Yesterday was quite a short dev day because of other things I needed to do; that said I did prep up the keypad model for the double door (shown the other day) and started to put together the GUI interface for the player to enter the unlock code for the door. Today, however, was much… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 37

November 19, 2013

Returning to the character model that is slumped against the door I decided that the positioning wasn’t all that great. So, I decided to rig the model and move it into place in a more natural way (by rotating joints). Rigging is one of those things that very quickly gets insanely complicated. And in fact… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 36

November 18, 2013

Bit of a delay to this developer day due to this website being moved to a different server. Anyway, today I added in the first parts of the first puzzle. Once you’ve located the torch and headed down the previously inaccessible corridor (too dark) you discover a grizzle scene and a bloody scrawl on the… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.6 and Maverick 10.9

October 27, 2013

I recently mentioned that AutoWallpaper for the Mac may be discontinued. I had a couple of responses to my call to see if a new version would be wanted and so I thought I’d have a quick look into what would be required to support OSX Maverick. Fortunately the change wasn’t as serious as I… [Read More]

Asylum – Developer Diary Day 34

October 24, 2013

Today was a bit hit and miss. With Windows 8.1 being released I needed to do an update to AutoWallpaper to ensure that it worked correctly under the latest version of Windows. I have also been notified that AutoWallpaper doesn’t operate at all under OS X Maverick, unfortunately at the moment, probably due to the… [Read More]

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