Asylum – Developer Diary Day 45

Lots of little tweaks and changes this week. First up I released that my game plan for this floor was slightly flawed. There was one section the player would need to get through without first getting the torch that would be in total darkness. So that needed to be altered slightly. Not overly difficult as I’d already developed a system of trigger boxes that can dynamically alter the ambient lighting in set areas.

Secondly the torch is located quite a distance from the player and is through a set of double doors (not the one with the blood scrawl) and so I needed to make going through this keypad locked door easy and this lead me to the main challenge for the weekend…

The decal system I was using just wasn’t working for me, so I made the decision to strip it out and replace it. Fortunately I haven’t used all that many decals so far so it wouldn’t have meant going back to replace hundreds of graphics. The new decal system has the added benefit of supporting texture atlases which basically means a single graphic can include dozens of decals that can be set up using a minimal number of draw calls.