AutoWallpaper 6.6 and Maverick 10.9

I recently mentioned that AutoWallpaper for the Mac may be discontinued. I had a couple of responses to my call to see if a new version would be wanted and so I thought I’d have a quick look into what would be required to support OSX Maverick.

Fortunately the change wasn’t as serious as I originally thought it would be so I have released an update that will allow AutoWallpaper to change wallpapers under OSX 10.9. However, I’m not certain if those changes will affect older versions of the OS, so, if you are running OSX 10.8 or earlier I would recommend switching off the update notification and staying on the last 6.5 version. If you do update to 6.6 and then find it doesn’t work you can download the previous version from the AutoWallpaper downloads page.

Download the new version here.