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Let there be NAS, and, taking a bite of the Apple

February 9, 2007

Finally managed to solve the NAS issue in Vista. After scrabbling around in the loft I located the box to my network storage enclosure and raced off to find the website. One quick firmware flash later and I was fully vista compatible. Hurray.I also had a little time to run 3d mark 2006 on XP… [Read More]

What a lovely vista

February 5, 2007

Firstly, in case you missed it. The release of AutoBackup 2.5 occured last week. This was a particularly special update as it finally sorted out the problem with Microsoft Office Word documents (and some other formats). As some of you may know, AutoBackup 2 (and other realtime backup apps) couldn't detect the final save of… [Read More]

AutoBackup 2 updates coming

January 26, 2007

I have, hopefully, worked out a solution to the office document problem for AutoBackup 2. I will be releasing one smaller update this coming weekend, after which I will dedicate my time to adding the 'stubborn file format' features. With a 2.5 release in about a weeks time. The idea is to add a new… [Read More]


January 17, 2007

AutoWallpaper 2 has been drawing my attention again. As I continue to increase my own wallpaper collection I found AW2 was getting increasingly slow when it first starts up. This was due to AW2 trying to verify the existance of the files in each category. Although this sounds like a good idea it does take… [Read More]

All good things

January 15, 2007

After a rather successful reinstallation of Windows XP x64 Edition my graphics card decided to burnt out on me. So for the time being I'm running on a Geforce 6800GTS (rather than my 7800GTX) whilst I save up for a DirectX10 card, probably a Geforce 8800GTS, which is quite important for the future of gaming… [Read More]

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