It's here… AutoWallpaper 4 Mac Edition

After months of research and development the Mac Edition of AutoWallpaper 4 is finally out. This new release see's, for the first time on the mac, full multi-monitor support. That's right, now the Mac has the full options available. This update came at a bit of a cost though. The only way I could include multi-monitor support for the Mac was to give it the requirement of OS X 10.5 or higher. This is purely down to the abilities added by Apple in OS 10.5 that didn't exist in the earlier versions. The upgrade fee for 1 and 2 monitor users of the Mac version has been waived, and the cost for 3-10 monitors is exactly the same as the Windows version. New registrations are also costed the same as the Windows version, starting at $7.99 for 1 monitor.