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Windows 7 incoming

October 21, 2009

There will be very limited support available this weekend as I will be reformating my hard drive, installing and configuring Windows 7 and then reinstalling all my applications.

AW5 – return of the Snow Leopard (updated)

October 6, 2009

Just when it was looking like everything was coming together nicely something outside of my control occurs. Apple Mac OS X 10.6(.1) Snow Leopard has a potential issue with the programming language I use for AutoWallpaper. Now I'm not sure if this occurs on every machine running AW4/5 as it doesn't appear to affect my… [Read More]

AW5 – Windows 7 compatibility

September 28, 2009

Just thought I'd make a quick post to mention my initial findings for AutoWallpaper 5 and Windows 7. I've had a limited amount of time to try out AW5 on Windows 7 Pro and so far only two issues have been noticed: Firstly, the options for delaying wallpaper changes due to CPU usage cannot be… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 5 released

September 19, 2009

After months of development AutoWallpaper 5 is now available for download. Version 5 is a free upgrade from version 4 so there's no reason to not upgrade. The upgrade process should be smooth and AW5 will use all of the settings and categories you have in AW4. However, if something does go a bit odd… [Read More]

Snow Leopard compatibility for AW4/5

September 16, 2009

Those that have been keeping an eye out for the release of AutoWallpaper 5 will be pleased to know that it is now confirmed for release this coming Saturday (19th). I updated my MacBook Pro to OS X 10.6, and then straight up to 10.6.1 (quick turn around for a bug fix), and tested AutoWallpaper… [Read More]

AW5 delayed for 1 week

September 12, 2009

One of my other computers has developed a serious hardware fault and I'm having to direct my attention to getting that up and running again. That combined with a potential issue with Mac OS X 10.6 has lead me to dealy the release of AutoWallpaper 5 for another week. If all goes well I will… [Read More]

Apple Mac OS X 10.6 wallpaper bug

September 8, 2009

It would appear that some users of OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard are experiencing issues when attempting to use custom wallpapers. This is in no way linked specifically to AutoWallpaper and is affecting users that aren't using AutoWallpaper. At present I'm running 10.5.6 so I cannot confirm any issues, however a search on the Apple forums… [Read More]

AW5 goes Gold

September 7, 2009

It's done, it is ready. AutoWallpaper 5 is ready for it's release this coming weekend (12th September). The update process should be automatic. If you have AutoWallpaper 4 set to notify you of updates you should get notified to download the new version. If you don't then you can just keep an eye on the… [Read More]

Welcome the new look website

August 21, 2009

In case you haven't been visiting the ARSoftware website recently a new website has been launched a few days ago. This update is in preparation for the imminent release of AutoWallpaper 5.The new website will consume the AutoWallpaper site and any links on will redirect back to (once AW5 is released).<br /> Yup,… [Read More]

Tag you're it

March 31, 2009

With my 3D course all but complete I am refocusing on AutoWallpaper development. The next update, which is likely to be v4.5 is hopefully going to see an exciting new feature – Tag support. Although this is currently in very early stages it is my hope to bring JPEG file tagging support to AutoWallpaper. Basically… [Read More]

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