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Blog update

June 18, 2007

As part of my normal working day (not ARSoftware) I develop a series of web applications designed to allow our clients to manage much of their websites on their own. One of these web applications is the engine behind this very blog.After several months of usage and client feedback I started re-writing the engine, adding… [Read More]

Back to work

June 5, 2007

Still feeling a bit of jet lag after the 6 and a half hour flight back to the UK. For those interested here is a brief itinerary of what happened: Tuesday:<br />Left home for the airport at 9 am, Plane was on time and it departed at 2 pm. The plane was less than 50%… [Read More]

Happy Holidays

May 18, 2007

There will be no email support available between the 21st May and the 1st June as I am going on Holiday to America (USA).<br />

It's a RAID

Not that sort of raid, but a RAID configuration for my hard drives.<br /><br />After reading an article in PC Format about the speed benefits of RAID0 I decided to give it a go (not for the faint hearted). I had also read that if I used my mainboard's built in RAID controller and then… [Read More]

HyperCoder Pro discontinued

May 14, 2007

I have discontinued and removed HyperCoder Pro from my website for the time being. Although it was running in Windows Vista there were a number of outstanding issues that I just cannot fix at this time.The main problem is the lack of VB.NET2003 support on Vista. I have tried to migrate the code to VB2005… [Read More]

Ok then maybe one more

April 15, 2007

After solving the problem with dual-core processors and the average colour bug I took a bit of a look at the whole 'first run' problem.I felt that AW2 although very powerful, isn't all that approachable to newcomers with a lower knowledge of installing and running new applications, and especially those that have a phobia of… [Read More]

Blog feature update and AutoWallpaper

April 10, 2007

There's been a few new features added to this blog that you may (or may not) find useful. You can now subscribe to an RSS feed version of the blog which automatically updates when I make a new post with the brief information of each post, or, if you prefer a more traditional subscription you… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper and Dual-Core

April 6, 2007

I recently received an email from an AutoWallpaper user that has a dual-core processor. It would appear that there is a problem with AutoWallpaper when used in a multi-core environment.I am investigating the bug but as I don't have a dual-core system myself it will be difficult to track down. If anyone else out there… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper Mac Edition

March 23, 2007

I've recently been playing around with the AutoWallpaper code on Mac OS X and after about 1 and a half weeks of minor tweeks and code reworks I have a working version running. There will be a few differences between the PC and the MAC versions. For a start I have no way to code… [Read More]

HCPro Vista Business and AutoWallpaper update

March 18, 2007

The installer has been fixed for all versions of Vista (at the least the ones I can check with). Home editions seem to be a little more accepting of administrator rights. Vista Business and above require confirmation of administrator rights each time HC Pro is launched.A new update will be available for AutoWallpaper 2 soon.… [Read More]

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