Reflex – Dev Diary 79

It’s been a couple of weeks since the big Steam release and everything seems to be going smoothly. There have been no bug reports so far, so I am continuing with developing the Android version.

Google Play achievements and save games work somewhat differently from Steam and this has required a few alterations here and there to get things working.

Save Games

When saving on Android the game will store the 3 save slots using the player’s name as an indent. This ensures that if the device is used with multiple profiles on Google Play the game can switch between the save slots.


These are synced with Google-like with Steam. However, Google allows the achievement to be set as an increment. For example, the achievement for breaking 20 doors; on Steam the achievement doesn’t know how far the player has got, however, with Google’s integration the achievement display has tracking. It’s a small difference but it meant significant alterations to how I updated achievement information internally.


Playtesting of the Android version is going well. Worlds 1-4 are fully tested and I’m more than halfway through the last world (or I should say my playtester is halfway through).

Change Log

As I’ve been working on the Android version there were a few tweaks that were pushed to the Steam version: