Reflex – Dev Diary 76 – Polishing

Another very busy week of development. This time focused on polishing the game and getting things ready for the full release.

The objectives panel displayed in the game has been given a new lick of paint. The expanding box has been replaced with a much sleeker-looking design, and the level complete and fail displays have been given some nice new icons. The fail display tells the player what happened and has a new music track. There are now level-specific tips rather than just displaying a random notice – which often meant telling the player about laser fences in world 1 (which is obviously wrong). The completion page has a much nicer animated star rating display.

The screen wipe effect is now timed based on the resolution you’re playing the game; this means it’s not really slow on 4K monitors.

There has also been a number of bug fixes this week:

To prepare for the release I’ve updated all the game screenshots and created a new gameplay trailer for Steam.

Just a few more weeks of testing, and testing, and more testing, and then I believe the game is ready to go.