Reflex – Dev Diary 47 – Venting

Some pretty big changes were made to Reflex this week so lets get straight into it.

First things first. I made the decision to change the timer in the game. Rather than having the timer count up and you are rewarded up to 3 stars depending on how long you take I have decided to switch it back to how the original game operated. Now each level has a maximum amount of time you are allowed to take. Stars are rewarded for how quickly you solve the level and if the timer runs out – Boom. All missiles are destroyed and the level is lost. This makes things a tad more intense. In a good way.

World wall styles have been completed. Each world (excluding training) now has unique wall styles. Adding a nice level of variety to the maps.

Shadow casters were added to breakable and toggle walls so that when they open or are destroyed the light will bleed through – nice!

World 3 (and 5 for difficulty) is a desolate and gaseous world. Underground gas pockets build up pressure and any base built on this world requires regular venting to ensure stability of the structures. These are seen as vents in the floors and will periodically vent gas clouds obscuring the view of the base.

Before venting
During venting

And finally, as usual, there has been a bug fixing session. This week it was mainly to do with screen resolution changes using the graphics options in settings. Background images on the menu screens were not updating correctly when the resolution was changed from full screen to windowed mode.