Reflex – Dev Diary 40

A short update this week. Reflex development continues very nicely. World 5 levels are being designed and added to the game at a steady pace. These levels are the toughest to create. World 5 involves transportation portals and that adds in a whole new level of design – working out the potential path for the missiles and adding in red-herring paths for the players to fall foul of – it also means much larger levels.

As the pandemic continues and with more free time than usual I have decided to take a look at learning Blender 3D. In the past (quite a few years ago) the Blender interface confused the crap out of me and I just dismissed it for years. With the current v2.9 and a free online course (CGBoost Academy) I am finding that the new interface is much much better and more inline with other 3d software such as Cinema 4D.