Reflex – Dev Diary 31

Real life got a bit too busy over the last few weeks so development of Reflex had to be reduced a bit.

I now have 11 levels sketched and ready to go for World 4. It’s getting harder and harder to create levels the further into the game you go because there are so many new components that could be included in a level and I although I want to try and use as many as possible (without overwhelming the player at the same time) I keep neglecting certain features such as the powered reflectors (the ones that can only be hit a few times before they power off). So, I’m making an extra effort to ensure that the levels include a variety of tiles to keep things fresh alongside the worlds additional features.

Also over the last 2 weeks I’ve put together the music controller object I mentioned in the previous post. This little object will control the music across the whole game. It takes a notification from another script to tell it to play a certain music file. If there’s a track already playing it fades out the existing one and then fades in the new one – it works really well and I’ve tested it out by adding in background music for World 1 and the World Select screens.