Reflex – Dev Diary 10

Whilst drawing up levels I had a few ideas for some additional features in the game. So, this week I’ve been looking at adding those in to my test level.

First up are breakable doors. These require a missile to impact them to destroy them, once destroyed subsequent missiles will pass through the opening created. This will add additional puzzle elements to the game at later stages forcing the player to work out how to keep more than one missile going and to sacrifice one if necessary.

The second new feature was to add in a Duplicator tile.

This new tile will duplicate a missile after a short delay. The duplicator can have up to 5 charges meaning you may get a situation where you have 5 additional missiles winding their way through the level. The screenshot above is for the twistable version (an orange tinted fixed version is also in the game). This version has the added benefit that after the player has triggered the countdown for the first missile the tile can be rotated to let the additional missiles off in a different direction! This should add some fun to the proceedings 🙂

That’s it for the new stuff this week. I am continuing to draw up new levels and will see what additional elements come from that.