Asylum Dev Diary 117

Finally the primary basement area is complete. This week I put together the explosion sequence that causes the player to experience the second flashback and everything went together perfectly.

I went back to the start of the basement and played through the entire area to make sure that it was all working as it should, and I’m pleased to say that it did.

So now I can move on to the flashback and then its on to the second basement experience. I should expand that. Because of the explosion I want to separate the basement into 2 parts. So that when the player returns I can take them to an ‘alternative’ basement that has all the damage. This gives me a cleaner canvas to work with as I can eliminate all the timed aspects of the ‘first’ basement that could get in the way if the player was to be returned to the same basement as before. Sounds confusing but it makes sense to me 🙂