Asylum Dev Diary 114

Things have a bit slow over the last couple for weeks for development as other RL stuff has been interrupting progress.

I have been working through more of the development involving the first sequence. I needed to improve my state saving function to save important sequence information such as it’s playback state (paused or not) and the position of the playback head in the animation. This information is important so that if an animation has been finished it will stay finished when a save point is reloaded.

The players first potential death has also been added to the game.

I can now direct the players angle (the direction he’s facing) which is helpful when it comes to certain events such as the police officer in the basement. Rather than the player continuing to look in the direction of the mouse when the police officer confronts you the player will now shift to look in his direction.

The sequence and the flooding of the basement also revealed a couple of bugs that triggered the player to die even if the generator had been switched off. This has also been corrected.

This was one of the more complicated aspects I needed to get my head around for Asylum development and with that out of the way I can now proceed to the next event which is to trigger the second flashback.