Asylum Dev Diary 113 – The Sequence

This week in the UK the weather has been very hot which restricts the amount of time I can bear being in my study. So, development on both titles has been a lot lower than usual.

For Asylum I have been focusing on the first ‘Sequence’ needed for the game that involves a Police officer. For this I needed to create the 3d Model in Character Creator and then move it to iClone for animation. There are 4 stages to the sequence:

  1. Walking officer
  2. Armed officer approaching player
  3. Electrocuted officer
  4. Dying officer

Each one involved a different series of steps for the Sequence. The walking officer is a simply sprite rotation on the time line, the armed officer is a single frame sprite that slowly moves towards the player and triggers the dialogue, the electrocuted officer uses an object that and a sprite that dynamically jitters the sprite to give the appearance of electrocution, and finally the dying sequence is a complete animation rendered from iClone. All of these elements were stitched together in the Sequence editor with a few function calls along the way.

The result is a Sequence that is much easier to edit and put together than it would have been if I’d have had to code each of the aspects manually.