Asylum Dev Diary 112 – Refining Self

After last weeks fumbling around with sequences this work was a bit more productive.

First up, the police. Originally the police sprites were from a static game resource and although they looked great they were going to prove problematic when it came to doing anything other than walking and pointing a gun at someone. So, I have now put together the iClone/Character Creator versions of the cops. This will allow me to apply motion capture to the characters and render out animations. The sequence I’ve been working on will actually require a fall down dead animation so it will be a good starter test.

Previously the player model had also been rendered in Character Creator, but when I went to animate the player model in iClone I found the lighting effects were quite considerably different even if I matched the light configuration exactly. So, I migrated the CC character to iClone and rendered the base player model there to use instead. This also required me to create a new head for the player which took a few attempts. This now means that the player model will match any animations I produce as well (like with the police).

As mentioned last week the scale of the player to the bed, and a few other items was out a touch. I will be replacing the beds with correctly sized versions soon. Then when the player model is laying down he’ll actually fit the bed properly rather than looking like a giant.