Reflex – Dev Diary 5

With a new week came a new Beta that fixed the YYC native compiler in GMS 2.3 Beta. So, I was able to fully compile Reflex and run it at full speed on Android. Everything is looking really good.

One important change is the way movements are calculated, originally they all used the usual frame time to move and count, so, if the game is running at 60fps and the missile is moving 1 pixel per frame then it has move 60 pixels in 1 second. The problem with this became evident when running the interpreted compiled version on Android. It can’t keep up at 60fps and so the game sloooowwweeed down.

The solution, use delta-time motion instead. With this method you take the amount of time between the current frame and the previous and multiply movement and counters by this factor. This means that if the game dropped to 30fps the delta-time multiplier would compensate and the missile would move the amount of pixels it would have if the game was running full speed. It also means that the game timer at the top of the screen actually counts seconds properly all the time.

A boat of load of bugs have also been squashed this week:

New features are also a plenty: