Asylum Dev Diary 111 – It Was Me

With the excitement of being able to finally use Sequences in Asylum I made a coding error that was causing the sequence I had made to continuously loop and it was not, as I mentioned last week, a bug in GMS.

So, with that issue resolved my first sequence is up and running. Hurray. Well, the sequence isn’t completely finished at the moment but it’s getting there, and I’ve linked the end of the sequence to trigger the next event/quest for the player. Progress has been made 🙂

I have also made the decision that the player is no longer wearing whats left of a straitjacket. Instead, as the game isn’t set in the past, he is wearing white scrubs. The main reason for this is because it is impossible to find 3d model clothing of a straitjacket that I can use on my player model.

With the player now sporting scrubs I decided to take a look into making an animation of him climbing out of bed (for the opening sequence). This is proving to be a little harder than expected. The game uses an orthographic camera so that everything pretty much appears at the same depth, however, making an animation look good and end at the correct size is tricky. At the moment it’s looking like the beds need to be 30% larger and the player needs to be reduced 10% (approx). This though will have a knock on effect where I need to take a look at other objects and scale them accordingly.

It might turn out that I’ll ‘fudge’ the animation sequence using some trickery like lightning flashes to remove the need to do a full animation sequence. That way the ‘scale’ won’t be so much of an issue. I’m still mulling it all over to see what the best route will be.