Asylum Dev Diary 110

This week I finally started playing around with the new GMS2.3 Sequences feature. Sequences are a new type of asset that allows you to create complex animations involving multiple objects or sprites across a video editor style timeline, and scripts can be triggered at any point.

This is ideal for several situations in Asylum and so I wanted to start giving it a try.

I have made limited progress. The manual for Sequences is a bit lacking at the moment so I’ve been muddling through trying to work things out. I have successfully created a sequence for the game and it plays through very nicely and triggers a dialogue sequence mid way. So, far so good, however the code required to pause and restart playback of the sequence seems to be causing the animation to reset to looped playback mode. This might be a bug in the GMS2.3 Beta so I’m inclined to wait and see what happens in the next beta.