Asylum Dev Diary 106 – GMS 2.3 Part 2

After the initial failings of the first GMS 2.3 beta with Asylum I decided to spend time this week sorting out the 3d model that is used for the player sprites. The original sprite was taken from a photo reference and then adjusted in Affinity Photo for my needs.

The new one is easier to work with. I now have a complete model of the player character in Reallusions Character Creator and I have it all set up so that it renders out exactly how I need for the overhead view and also the full form for any animation sequences that might be needed (e.g. falling dead). Because it’s now a proper 3d model with clothing simulation I can set up the different outfits the player will be wearing very quickly and render out the required sprites. Once the new sprites have been created fully I’ll post new screenshots.

A new GMS 2.3 beta was released this week, unfortunately my issue seems to have flipped round. Previously the debugger would crash the game, now the debugger runs fine but the normal execution crashes – grr. However, following a bug post to YoYo Games they have apparently replicated the issue and a fix will be applied for the next beta. Fingers crossed it’s not too long a wait.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a prototype for another game and this one I’m building straight in GMS 2.3 (no project import woes). More on this project when I’ve completed the prototype.