Asylum Dev Diary 79 – Restoring the Lights

The basement with lights on!

It’s all been leading to this. The generator has been fixed and restarted and the lights have come back on throughout the building!

For this part I didn’t want to suddenly have the entire map visible as that will take away the exploration nature of the game. So, I hit on a compromise. The ambient light level is increased very slightly to allow more of the surrounding area to be visible, and dynamic lights have been added to allow for full illumination of the areas the player is actually in or has line of sight to. And I think the effect is looking great.

Everything else has been checked and double checked and I think I can reasonably safely say that the main quest line is complete in the basement. There’s a number of sub-quests I need to implement but its all going well.

And speaking of which, the Janitor has made an appearance – finally.

The Janitor

He’s seen better days due to being assaulted and left for dead. He’ll be needing some help.

With the first NPC there is something I feel I’m going to need to change. The objectives listing is likely to get a bit long in the basement. The NPC will give the player 1 quest, but there’s also the 4 other tasks and that all leads to a lot of screen space being used up. So, I’m planning on removing that from the screen and adding in a quest log of some sort. At the moment I haven’t got a solid plan on the best way to do this or the layout I want but it’s not something I need to deal with right this moment.