Asylum Dev Diary 42

My second play tester had a run through of the first floor with myself watching over his shoulder. It’s always interesting to watch other people play your game as they will often do things you don’t expect.

During the course of his play through a number of issues came to light. So, this extra development session involved correcting those problems.

Once that was done I turned my attention on making a start on the second environment which serves as a kind of flashback to events that occurred before the asylum.

I’ve created the basic map and made a start on transitioning the player from the first floor to this new area. The idea here is to have the players anxiety level go to the extreme and to then quickly and violently fade from one area to the next. Once at the new location the anxiety will fade and the player can then explore this new place. This is still very much a work in progress as there are lots of things that need to happen before and after the change over to ensure everything works correctly.

To avoid having to replay the entire game each time I’ve added some ‘cheat’ keys that will allow me to bypass large chunks of the first floor so I can test the ending area and effects.