Asylum Dev Diary 33

Today I wanted to focus a bit more on tweaking the flow of the game so far.

I added a few more dialogue sequences to help guide the player through the initial water challenge, and I also made some modifications to the noise filter to ensure it fades in and out better.

I’ve added a new interaction icon for locked doors, this makes it easier to tell when you are next to a door that cannot currently be opened. Previously it just didn’t change from the single circle icon that is displayed when the player is near something that can be interacted with.

The dialogue sequences now include the name (or title) of the person you are communicating with, this helps distinguish between the players words and that of someone or something else.

Somewhere along the line in the past week or so a bottleneck has appeared in the code, I suspect it is with the lighting (as that’s the heaviest part of the game code), and I need to rty and isolate the cause of that. It causes the game to pause for a few seconds for seemingly no reason. It’s going to be a tricky one to track down.