Asylum – Dev Diary 4

Another busy day of tweaks, alterations and improvements.

Firstly I put together a completely new keypad, one with larger buttons and LCD panel. I also decided it would be beneficial to add in a zero and enter button. This way the player can input and see all 6 characters of the access code before the trigger action is performed.

The cell bed sprite I was previously using was too small, so for placeholder purposes I scaled it up and this made it rather blurry. I’ve improved the size (1:1) of the sprite and reduced the heavy shadow under the bed. I suspect I’ll be revisiting the sprite again at some point.

There were some changes required to the door object so that I could purposefully start a door at any angle. This is important as the door to the cell you start in needs to be partially open (for the storyline).

Floorboard tiles replaced with better textures – the initial tiles were just placeholders so they’ve been replaced.

I also felt the need to tweak the player sprites a bit (still a bit of work to do here) and with the lighting in game getting closer to what I’m after I realised the shadow I placed on the player was too strong. So, whilst tweaking the player I reduced it to a very subtle shadow. The player has also been increased in size to match the environment scale better.

Unfortunately work is going to get in the way after today, so development time will reduce back down to 2 updates a week (possibly 3 depending on other factors).