Asylum – Developer Diary Day 47

There is probably going to be a break in development for about a month shortly as I prepare to move house.

This weekend I had to remodel the courtyard area because texturing it as an entire set piece was causing too many problems. Triangulation was going a bit weird causing the texture seams to distort. So, I went back to the drawing board and remodelled each segment separately. This actually made things easier when it came to piecing it all together.

I also added an ornate fence panel to the arches for safety 🙂 We wouldn’t want any visitors falling through the arches.

The next stage for the courtyard area is to put the roof on the building, add some windows to the other walls, and work out what’s needed at the ground level.

As I mentioned last time I wanted to revisit the cells replacing the padded wall texture with a much better one, and this one really looks the part.