Asylum – Developer Diary Day 43

The reception room is coming along quite nicely now. The main desk is in and textured as well as the staff swivel chairs and small tables that will eventually have the usual waiting room magazines strewn across them 🙂

I still need to knock a hole in the other wall for the storage/janitors closet, but for now I’m concentrating on decorating the main room. I still need the clutter objects such as phones, papers, monitors, etc.

I’ve decreased the lightmap resolution for the time being to massively speed up the placement of lights. With the previous high resolution maps it was taking almost 5 minutes to render the entire map, with the resolution crank right down it can take less than 1 minute and is ideal for checking lighting and shadow placement. Once the rest of the map is complete I can whack the resolution back up and let it render the high res lightmap.