Asylum – Developer Diary Day 35

Between trying to work out why my MacBook didn’t want to download the Maverick update I spent time optimising, lighting and texturing the stairwell that I modelled the other day. Still needs a few more tweaks but it’s coming along nicely.

The model was originally made up of dozens of seperate models, but the one that’s now in the game is just 2 meshes and 2 textures; one for the window and one for the stairwell.

Asylum 35

The walls use a stucco texture, the floor and steps have an off white/cream lino texture with a metal kick plate wrapping around each step, the balustrades and banisters and corner beams are white painted wood with a black painted top.

I’ll be adding some additional decoration to the stairs as I go along such as the hand rails, framed paintings and signage.