Asylum – Developer Diary Day 24

The door animation proved a little trickier to implement than first expected. The animations themselves were very easy and completed in a few minutes. Getting Unity to play ball with those animations was another matter; it seemed to want to start with the door fully closed no matter what I did (rotate object in place, specify the partial open start frame, etc). Fortunately I did manage to sort it all out, and have replicated and replaced all the existing doors on the floor.

As a change of pace I decided to add something that was needed – windows. As the player will be starting out without a torch finding their way in the dark would be rather difficult. So, windows, and the stairwell at the end of the corridor will add needed illumination to the scene to prompt the player along the correct route when first starting out. Now obviously it is at night so the lighting is not really strong, it’s just enough to point the way.

asylum 24

The windows are obscured and there are blinds in front, this, looking at the screenshot, allows the light to cast shapes on the floor and walls. The shot above still needs work as you can probably tell I have the torch on and as I mentioned earlier the torch will not be available at this point of the game. You should also ignore the fact that someone has pinched all the fluorescent tubes from the lights on the ceiling 🙂

Tomorrow I will return to the coding side of things and add in an object that can be examined – time permitting.