Asylum – Developer Diary Day 18

I’ve rolled Saturday and Sunday into one day this week due to the insane heat in the UK I’ve been unable to do as much as I would have liked.

Today I concentrated on the little niggling things to get those out of the way so the rest of the floor and the first player challenge can be setup and created – more on that later on.

So, following some feedback from a friend the cell door has been trimmed down so the width is more in keeping with an actual door rather than a thick slab of wood. I’ve also added some important edge textures to the door to show hinges and the lock mechanism.

The cell itself had a few texturing issues that I wanted to resolve. The floors normal map has been removed for the time being, it really wasn’t working for me. I’ve also improved the way the flooring lines up against the walls and the door kick plate. I also decided that having bars on the window was rather hostile looking, so that has been swapped out for a long frosted panel glass window instead, which I think looks better.

The torch intensity has been increased to help pick out more detail and make it easier to see in the dark.

Oh, and in response to those that are wondering why it is so dark. Basically the story starts with the player waking up in his cell (or is it?) and finds that the power is out in the building and it is in the middle of the night. During the course of the first chapter of the game the player will need to go down to the pitch black basement (hence the need to find a torch) and turn the generators back on. So, I hope that clears everything up. The whole game will NOT be set in the dark 🙂