AutoWallpaper 5.5 progress report

Just thought I’d check in and update everyone with my coding progress for version 5.5 of AutoWallpaper.

So far so good, I’ve very nearly completed all the necessary codebase changes necessary to drive the new data store and get the whole thing up to the latest compiler version; which as regular followers will know caused quite a few compatibility issues the last time I attempted it, fortunately with version 5.5 having a completely revamped way of store category and wallpaper data these issues have been resolved. What this means is that AW5.5 will be able to utilise all the latest tweaks and fixes from the most up-to-date version of my programming language. Hurray!

I’m sure you’re still wondering on when it will be released, well I cannot give a firm date as of yet, due to real life work load, but I’m hoping to get in ready for testing in the next few weeks with a tentative aim for a September release.