Heading for AutoWallpaper 5.5, UnityScript Editor update

For those of you that are keen to keep up with the latest AutoWallpaper development; I have begun to work on the next big update – version 5.5.

This update will introduce a massive change in the way wallpapers are handled. This will completely eliminate the occasional bug which prevents large numbers of wallpapers from being included in a random selection. However, this will involve a great deal of re-engineering on my part. I have started this work and the initial tests are extremely promising, the time it takes to display a category listing has been massively improved, but there is still a lot to do.

Now I’m sure you’re probably all wondering, so, when will it be released? Well my current estimate is for late June. I have a lot of other side projects on the go at the moment so it may slip a little, but we’ll see what happens.

I can also confirm that the 5.5 update will be a free upgrade for all version 4 and 5 users.

There will be a new update for the UnityScript Editor at some point this weekend (15th/16th May), this will add tooltip descriptions to the intelliprompt lists (nice) and increase the number of method/function description tips available. I will also be adding a more polished preferences window to allow for a lot more features in the future.