If I could turn back time…

In addition to the forth coming AutoWallpaper update that adds the ability to cycle monitors separately, I am also hoping to ‘turn back time’ and reintroduce Mac OS X 10.4 support. Version 4 originally discontinued support for the 10.4 OS because of limitations in controlling multi-monitor wallpaper configurations, and this hasn’t actually changed. However, I am planning on adding support back into AW5.2. The support will be limited to a single monitor as there is no way for me to change multi-monitors on 10.4, but at least it will finally bring the AW5 feature set to these users and allow them to upgrade from AW3.5 (the final version to support 10.4).

If you read my last post I mentioned that I had bought a new car, a Toyota Aygo Black. Obviously by now everyone knows that Toyota in the US and Europe is performing a massive, and very costly, recall of millions of cars. This has concerned me a little and I have been checking on the UK Toyota site daily to see what the latest is; and fortunately for me the Manual transmission version of the Toyota Aygo is NOT affected by the accelerator pedal issue, it only affects the MMT (Mulit-mode transmission) models of the Aygo. Phew!

The Aygo is going very nicely and I’m thoroughly enjoying driving it. I completed my first evaluation of the efficiency of the car and was very pleased. I expected the first week or so to be a little lower eco wise as I adjusted to the gearbox and the engine, however managed to travel 485 miles before needing to fill up, giving me a truly marvellous 63.5mpg. Obviously I didn’t push my luck with the fuel gauge as I didn’t want to run out of petrol. The 485 miles equates to 35 litres of petrol (unleaded). The amount of money I’m saving is going to be quite substantial. Road tax is £35 per year, it’s in the lowest insurance band in the UK, and I can get an extra 2 days of driving out of a fill up compared to the Fiesta (I do 90 miles a day driving to and from work).