First update of the new year (AW5.1.2835)

Happy new year everyone 🙂

I’ve released a small update, originally it was my plan to release a new version with a couple of new features but January has prompted the need for a quick fix. Basically if you have the calendar display showing with it starting the week on Sunday the background tint wouldn’t cover the entire calendar; this update corrects that issue.

Also, the new update adds a new feature request by a few registered users – the ability to resize the thumbnail window that displays when you click on a wallpaper in the listing. To resize the window, click a wallpaper to display the window, then hold down the Control key, move across and resize the window to the size you want it, then release the Control key. The next time the window is displayed it will use the new size.

I’m going to be making a start on some major alterations in the next week or so, so the only new updates that might come along will be small fixes to correct any bugs discovered – hopefully none 🙂