AutoWallpaper 5.1.2722 released [updated]

As promised in my previous posting 5.1.2722 (Pre-Christmas edition) has been released. This is an optional update that fixes a few typos and brings the compiler up-to-date.

Also, you may have noticed some additional features now available on this blog, these allow for a lot more flexibility. For starters I’ve added a poll (on the left hand column). The reason for this poll is to work out if I’m using the most popular delivery format for the Mac Edition. At the moment the Windows installer is just over 8Mb, but the Mac DMG file is over 22Mb. What I would like to know from my readers and users is whether the ZIP file format is a viable alternative for Mac users (not being a full mac user myself). So, please cast your vote. Also, if any of you can recommend an alternative compression method that is usable on any OS X Mac without extra software then please let me know either via the comments box or via the support form.

A number of very annoying bugs jumped in on the last update that prevented new categories from being created. Because of this I have had to release a second update today (2805). This update corrects the problem but there are a number of rare issues lurking. For now everything should be OK, and I’m continuing to work through the reported issues. The XMas break will hopefully give me plenty of time to research a data store alteration I would like to make, which I believe is the main cause of some of these new bugs.

My apologises for any irritation this last update cycle has caused.