A new multi-monitor taskbar and odd configuration woes

A certain type of monitor configuration is causing me a little grief at the moment. It probably only affects a very small minority of users but that is more than I would like. Basically if you have a secondary display that is centrally aligned vertically and is taller than your primary monitor then AutoWallpaper cannot create a suitable wallpaper image for the secondary display. However, if your taller monitor is aligned at the top or bottom of the primary then everything will work fine. At the moment I'm unsure as to how Windows handles the wallpaper for such configurations. I am investigating it but if there is anyone out there that knows how these types of wallpaper are constructed please let me know. Now, on to something else. I'm usually on the look out for new applications designed to help multi-monitor users and in the past I have used Ultramon and Multi-Monitor Taskbar Pro, but a new version of an old application has really impressed me. Actual Window Manager 5.2 has a multi-monitor task bar that beats the others hands down. It will add an extra taskbar to each of your monitors (which you can place at the bottom, top or side of the monitor), but what really sets this above the others is the inclusion of the startmenu button (vista or XP). It also replicated the Alt-Tab task switcher on all the displays. If this is something you've been looking for then I strongly suggest taking a look and trying it out. <br />