AutoWallpaper 3.5 has arrived

Yup, after several months of development AutoWallpaper 3.5 is here. It has been quite a long road getting to this point but I'm extremely pleased with the final product. Here's the final change list: Mac and PC versions share same code base<br />New mozaic (mass tile) effect<br />New Import folder to automate category creation<br />New FX Library simplifies the process of creating new effects profiles<br />Mac version is heavy improved from the previous version<br />Fixed memory leak with tray icon on Windows<br />Optimised all graphic effects for multi-core systems<br />Optimised internal processing of image objects to reduce load<br />Added checkbox enabling of categories from main window<br />Improved random image selector<br />Corrected visual glitches in UI when running XP<br />Effects window reverts to the previously active profile after a wallpaper change<br />New global no-repeat's option<br /> And that's not all. AutoWallpaper now has it's own dedicated website:<br /><br />