The Dark Portal and Asylum

Firstly, I would like to just briefly mention an update to AutoWallpaper 3 (1220), this update includes a fair amount of additional tweaks with regards to handling multi-monitor and widescreen wallpapers. The problem the previous builds had was that the image was taken as is, scaled to fit, sliced and then process, and although this seemed like the best option at the time it was recently discovered that images that don't quite fill the desktop when scaled lack proper placement and have a white background. This new build eliminates all of these problems by treating the multi-wallpaper with all the usual processing options in the effects tab. Thus, you can now have a centred image on a gradient background (among other things).As I mentioned last time I have now turned my attention back to Asylum development. I have had a very good few days and am extremely pleased with the results. It's a bit of a learning curve after stopping the project for a few months but I hope to get back into it fully now. I did mention that I would post a screenshot, unfortunately I'm not at a position to do that just yet. I'm hopefully going to be able to post something after this coming weekend.And for those that play or follow World of Warcraft I can happily announce that I have finally worked my way through to the Badlands, the dark portal and beyond at level 60. The Dark Portal, or rather, Outlands is magnificent to look at when you first arrive; the multitude of planets in the sky, the strange whispy streams of plasma, and the incredible landscapes. Very impressive. If only the demons would leave me alone <img src="" alt=":-)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" />