Lots of PiPs

Another good weekend of AutoWallpaper 3 development. The new tray menu has been completed and is working nicely.However, this weekend I turned my attention to PiPs, or in full, Picture-In-Picture options. In AW2 PiP's were a part of the effects processing for each monitor. Now in AW3 I have moved PiPs to a main tab. Why? To make them hugely more flexible. It is now possible to create any number of PiPs!That's right, you can now create a PiP profile, select a single monitor for the PiP (or all monitors), enter its X and Y position and It's width and height, you can even specify the border size and colour individually.Plus, there are new global pip settings that allow you to add a picture title to the bottom of each PiP.This new feature is working well but there seems to be a small bug with sub-foldered categories and PiPs at the moment. I'm hoping to track that down over the course of the coming week.All being well I hope to launch AW3 at the end of August.