AutoWallpaper 3 nears completion

Bug fixes and feature additions galore this week, as development of AW3 nears completion.This weekend I have been concentrating on an outstanding bug in the screensaver module and also adding the calendar overlay (as requested by a few registered users). The bugs in the screensaver module were: incorrect scaling ratios when the image isn't a landscape image, this bug has been resolved and all images are scaled to the correct ratio. Also, there was a big problem involving AW categories that are set to scan sub folders. A small work around in the way AutoWallpaper stores the information resolved the issue. Originally I thought I was going to have to ignore those types of categories but fortunately I had a eureka moment and was able to work around it.AutoWallpaper itself has had its tour updated for the interface changes. And the big addition of calendar overlays is now possible. This feature has been added to the effects section so you will be able to have a calendar in different locations on different monitors (or just on one monitor).The calendar has a number of options allowing you to change the font, text size, text colour, add a drop shadow to the text and select a colour for the current day. During the next week I will be putting it through it's paces to ensure that it is working well. I may add a few more options before its release at the end of the month.In the meantime heres a screenshot of a calendar overlay created in AW3.