embossed-logoA self-hosted PHP application for simplifying and managing your personal finances.

MoneyWatch (MW) was created because all the usual online money management tools want to link with your bank accounts directly. MW works differently by letting you create and manage all your accounts manually. This allows you to set up your own accounts for things not even linked to a bank if you want to; for example you want to save for a new TV and your putting the cash aside. With MW you can do that quickly and easily.

Try the live demo version and see if it meets your needs. Have some questions? Then send a support query and we’ll do our best to answer within 12 hours.


Dashboard showing your important accounts, pending transactions and upcoming reminders.


Category editing page – set up new categories, assign icons to existing.



Reports page show breakdown of categories by expenditure and income.

Install on your own web server (see requirements on the right).


Create a master administration account and use that to create any number of users. Each user has there own login where they set up their own accounts.

Create any number of accounts from current accounts, credit cards, loans, savings accounts and more. Accounts can use any currency symbol you like.

Customise your accounts with an icon and a different colour to help you organise your money.

Set up an unlimited number of transaction reminders (Expense or Income) that are automatically add to the relevant account when they are due. These can be set as pending or cleared by default.

The dashboard gives you an overview of your most important accounts (selected by you), a breakdown of your net worth, net loans and net savings, as well as upcoming reminders and pending transactions.

Set up any number of payees and categories to organise your accounts. Categories are used to group transactions together for the reports.

See pie chart breakdowns of your expediture and income by category, over 1 month, last month, last  months and beyond. Filter the report by individual accounts or all accounts.

Fully responsive design works flawlessly on mobile phones. Create a home screen icon for quick and easy access to MoneyWatch.

Create lists for anything you like. TV programs you want to watch, items you want to buy, etc.